About our chalets

At RoVo Chalets, you have the choice between different models from our standard collection. The chalets are designed and produced by us. Customisation of each chalet and your own design are among the possibilities. 

Most models of RoVo Chalets are inspired by the popular "barn house" architectural style. They have the classic proportions of a gable roof, lots of natural wood in the decor, as well as panoramic windows, and a metal finish. 

  • Fully adaptable to suit your wishes
  • We build modular, which is smarter, faster, and cleaner
  • Fast production and delivery times, everything done within our management

Robustly built

In our chalets, you can relax and live stress-free during all seasons. Our chalets are not inferior to a "normal" house. When making your next purchase, go for our luxury design chalets finished in beautiful wood, metal, and plastic. 

Would you like to live an energy-neutral lifestyle? That too is among the many possibilities with a RoVo Chalet. Look in our menu under the sustainability option. 

  • Luxury woods - will last longer than 10 years without needing any maintenance
  • Available with plastic facades
  • Extremely low energy costs, thanks to high-quality insulation
  • Our own production line guarantees reliable quality - every time

Discover our chalet assortment

From compact and cosy to unprecedentedly large; we have chalets for the whole family! Did you know that the names of our model chalets are a result of our love for Austria?  


The Eben is the most compact chalet in the models at ROVO Chalets. The Eben is ideal as a summer house or guest house. The focus of this model is on its unique appearance. This design chalet comes into its own even on smaller plots.



A durable, compact and cosy chalet for 2-4 people, 1 bedroom and the possibility of adding a sofa bed in the living room. The chalet to enjoy.


ROVO Wagrain

The chalet which, with its 2 different variants, comes into its own in any location. This compact chalet is equipped with all conveniences.


ROVO Flachau

Just like the village of Flachau, it has everything. Cosiness, space and, of course, the feeling of coming home.


ROVO Flachauwinkl

Chalet Flachauwinkl has the same base as chalet Flachau plus a lovely large terrace to enjoy the sun outside.


ROVO Filzmoos

A luxury chalet for the whole family: 3 bedrooms, a spacious terrace, upper floor and large windows. The chalet with a grand view!


ROVO Alpendorf

If this chalet does not make your dreams come true! A beautiful loft, master bedroom, private bathroom and in the evening ultimate relaxation in the sauna. What more could you ask for?


ROVO Salzburg

Chalet Salzburg is a chalet with a large surface area with lots of light thanks to its large windows. By building more simply and adapting wall thicknesses, this chalet retains its charm with its beautiful sloping pent roof.


ROVO Salzburg L

Chalet Salzburg L, the name says it all, has an L-shape. This model is a variation on chalet Salzburg and very suitable as a care home. And because of the extension, this chalet has even more space. Need extra storage space? At chalet Salzburg L we offer the option of adding this. Handy for extra storage and for storing bicycles for example.


ROVO Schladming

Chalet Schladming is a wide, spacious model. With our simple construction process and adjusting wall thickness, this model retains its charm with its beautiful sloping roof.