Time for a new chalet?

RoVo recreation building is involved in your project, your dream chalet! And to fully relieve you of your worries, we can also furnish your chalet according to your wishes. From furniture for the living room and bedroom, to accessory packages and even your complete kitchen inventory. No problem for us! 

Thanks to our experience in the project and furniture industry and our cooperation with various suppliers, we can offer you attractive packages. A complete package from assembly to styling is possible at RoVo Chalets. 

We will gladly show you the possibilities!  


Package Options

RoVo Chalets offer the following interior packages: 

  • Basic inventory
    • kitchen supplies
    • cleaning supplies
  • Complete living room
    • furniture
    • window blinds
    • accessories & styling
    • electricity and lighting
  • Complete bedroom
    • beds
    • furniture
    • window blinds
    • accessories & styling
  • Complete outside
    • terrace furniture
    • umbrella

Fully complete? → Everything listed here, including the styling!


The inventory consists of the entire kitchen inventory and a cleaning package. Think for example of a hoover, mop kit, etc. Depending on the chalet you have chosen, we compile this package based on the number of people. It is composed as follows: 

  • 2 - 4 people
  • 4 - 6 people
  • 4 - 8 people

Of course, it is no problem at all to add something to the package according to your wishes. 

Complete Living Room

Would you like to personalise the style of your new living room? We will be happy to put your wishes in order. Atmospheric furniture in your chosen style and colour, beautiful window dressings and lamps. Or do you want a wood-burning stove in your home? Also, the styling options will not be lacking. 

Make a choice out of the following styles: 

  • Contemporary - simple & trendy items
  • Industrial - timeless appearance with wood & metal
  • Modern chic - beautiful fabrics & clean lines

We would love to discuss your style preferences! 

Complete Bedroom Package

Would you like to be able to enter your new chalet and get right into bed? If so, RoVo Chalets offers you the 'complete bedroom' package. The bedrooms can be completely styled, including comforters, bed linen, cupboards, bedside tables, window coverings and accessories. Depending on the chalet you have chosen, there is a choice of various beds. In terms of beds you have the choice of: 

  • Boxspring in various sizes incl. headboard
  • Bunk bed
  • Sofa bed

With the Complete Bedroom Package, you can call your chalet 'home' immediately after assembly. 

Complete Outdoor Package

Would you like to enjoy the sun on your own terrace? Then choose the Complete Outdoor package to go with your chalet; this includes all the patio furniture you need to enjoy the nice weather outside. At RoVo Chalets you can choose from various garden sets. Will you go for a lovely lounge set, a comfortable seat or a sturdy outdoor table and chairs? 

The Complete Outdoor Package contains the following items: 

  • Choice of 1 set of furniture for the terrace 
  • Umbrella + stand
  • Are you missing something? Tell us, and we'll add it to your requirements! 



The images shown on this page are for inspiration.