Sustainability is of paramount importance at RoVo Chalets. We pay attention to this in many areas. The chalets are constructed using the most environmentally friendly materials and are mostly recyclable. 

For example, we use natural wood and mineral insulation. The window frames are triple-glazed. The wooden facade cladding is coated with a technologically sustainable varnish, which protects the wood from water absorption and is fire retardant. In terms of maintenance, you won't have to worry about it for many years. 

Want to save energy? Want to contribute to a liveable planet for ourselves and for future generations? Investing in the "sustainable package" is a wise choice! In this package, we offer the following possibilities:

  • Solar panels
  • Infrared floor heating
  • Air source heat pump
  • We will gladly inform you about the options mentioned in a personal meeting

Solar Panels

Want to generate your own energy? At RoVo Chalets you can equip your chalet with solar panels. The 'sustainable package' includes 16 solar panels as standard. 

Depending on your chosen model, this can be extended to as many as 24 solar panels. 

The energy you generate is more than enough for an average household. So you can also sustainably heat your hot tub! 

Infrared Floor Heating

Would you like to be extra comfortable in your chalet? Heat your chalet with infrared underfloor heating. This is also included in the 'sustainable package'. 

Infrared underfloor heating works through the infrared radiation via the foil mats under the floating floor. The mats heat up immediately and give off heat quickly over the entire floor surface. In this way, it efficiently warms up the rooms in your chalet and provides a pleasant level of comfort! The infrared floor heating can be installed throughout the entire chalet; even in the bathroom! 

Air Source Heat Pump

All chalets from RoVo are equipped as standard with a high performance boiler to heat and provide hot water for your chalet. Do you want to optimize your energy-saving capabilities? Then choose the 'sustainability package' which also includes the air source heat pump. 

An air heat pump system extracts heat from the air via the heat collector. The pump can also be set to work in reverse, giving you a lovely cool chalet in the summer months! Heating with an air source heat pump results in at least 60% less CO2 emissions. The necessary amount of electricity can be generated perfectly with the solar panels in the package.